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School Vision

Sawyers Bay School is a place where teaching and learning engages, challenges and supports our students, empowering all to become confident and capable lifelong learners.

Our School Vision

Sawyers Bay School is a place where teaching and learning engages, challenges and supports our students, empowering all to become confident and capable lifelong learners

What we do

Sawyers Bay School is a learning community where we strive to make a real difference for our students within a supportive and caring atmosphere. We pride ourselves on the ‘well- rounded’ development of our pupils, and our aim is to focus children on learning for life.

We are all learners at Sawyers Bay School, both children and staff. At Sawyers Bay School we value learners who are:


Learners who ask questions, investigate, reflect, create, show flexibility and empathy and can make decisions.

Risk takers

Learners who challenge themselves, thrive on new learning, be brave, feel supported, be resilient, be confident, be involved.


Learners who can work as a team, support each other, show tolerance, demonstrate respect for themselves and others and who co-operate.


Learners who can share and interpret information, thoughts and experiences using a variety of forms of communication. Actively listen to others and be able to respond with a positive, friendly manner.


Learners who take  responsibility for their actions, their words and their learning, set and strive towards goals, be respectful, be courteous, be reflective, be a problem-solver with a ‘can do’ attitude.



Sawyers Bay is fortunate to have a tradition of parents and families who are supportive of the school and who involve themselves in a wide range of school activities. There is a close liaison between the school and the Sawyers Bay Playcentre, and Port Chalmers Kindergarten, Avenue of Learning and Koputai Childcare.


We believe that all children can achieve. We want our children to have fun at school, and to learn. We encourage children to ‘make good choices’, and to grow in responsibility.

Three basic guidelines underlie our school’s positive pupil management approach:
  • Respect other people
  • Be in the right place
  • Look after things at school

We use a variety of in-class, syndicate and school-wide systems to encourage good choices, and to recognise effort and achievement. We encourage children to use their Three C's at School, Common-sense, Courtesy and Co-operation.


Sawyers Bay School opened in 1861 in a small cottage-like building with Mr George Scott Murray the teacher. Boys attended in the morning and girls in the afternoon.

More than 150 years on, the school has well-equipped classroom blocks and resource-rooms, a library, staffroom and boiler house. A multi-purpose prefabricated building provides space for assemblies, and syndicate or whole-school activities. An administration block contains offices, Reading Recovery and resource rooms.

Appropriate, up-to-date resources, equipment and ICT (including a networked computer system, Laptop Pod, PCs in every classroom and Interactive Whiteboards and tablet computers), provide support for our quality learning programmes.

The school is set in spacious grounds, with hard court areas and large grassed playing areas. There are attractive mature trees providing shade, with substantial native-tree plantings, and a fitness track around the perimeter of the grounds.



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