Writer's Corner

Term 2 2019



Each term we will be displaying a sample of work from various students across the school.

Term 1 2019

My Favourite Time of Day - Shared Writing

The night is my favourite time because I can hear Morporks squawking in the pitch black sky. I feel scared when the full moon is high in the starry sky, wolves howling, their calls echoing loudly. As I walk late at night, I can hear bats screeching in the dark, gloomy caves. I enjoy staying up late and sitting on the verandah with my invisible friends. We watch the sky dance above us as stars shoot across the sky.


By Year 4 & 5, Hinemoana

Independent writes from Papatúánuku:


Mathilda McCall


Freddie Dick


Ella Gordon


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Ranginui quick writes, check out these speedy masterpieces!


Winter - by Tommy Smith

Winter is the only season that you can have a fire and you can make snowmen. I like Winter because you can play rugby and drink hot chocolate. I do not like swimming because you get cold and I don't like to dry myself, it's annoying. 


Winter - by Bryn Kilpatrick

I like Winter because it is a long season. Winter is epic with snow everywhere. You can ride motorbikes in the wet, soggy earth and spin out. It's fun but not when you go the wrong way and crash. Winter is awesome because Milo for breakfast. 


Winter - by Max Morris

I like Winter because of the storms, the snow, fires, the wind, baking and ice. Mmm the hot chocolate. And I definitely like the cookies.

Writing from Tãne Mãhuta

On Tuesday Tāne Mahuta went for a walk. We walked first to the Salmon Hatchery. Sadly, we could not see the salmon because it was too hot for them, so they had to swim down to the bottom of the salmon tank.

After that we walked along some other water ways. Tāne Mahuta walked along a track with lots of native trees. We found out that someone had been planting all of these trees. As we were walking along the water ways we were looking at the water and it did not look very clean.

When we finished walking along the track we went up Reservoir Road and saw Abby G’s house. After Abby’s house we walked to the Golf Course and saw another little creek. The creek was very narrow and half of the creek was falling off. We talked about how the creek was very narrow and how the little cliffs had fallen in. When we finished talking we started walking back to school. While we were walking back to school we jumped over a fence then when we got back we had to write a story about the water ways.

By Olive Forrester


Today Tāne Mahuta went on a walk to look at water ways. I was absolutely disgusted by all of the pollution that was there. Don’t get me started on the spiders! Anyway, the water ways are very disgusting. I wish the people would stop littering and clean the rivers, streams, lakes, creeks, and reservoirs.

When we went on the walk we went to the Salmon Hatchery down the road. We didn’t get to see the fish because they would be down at the bottom because in water the lower down the colder. They were low down because it was thirty degrees Celsius.

By Harry Wood